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10 Reasons Why People Are Unmotivated

It’s that time of the week where George and Isaac sit down for the This Is Made On The Road podcast. We had no guests this week, so we thought our ‘This is Time To Talk’ section would be a perfect time to approach a topic that’s forever prevalent: MOTIVATION!

This is Time To Talk: Motivation

What is motivation? Well google says “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” which is true, but to us it means so much more. Is motivation the thing that gets you out of bed when you REALLY don’t want too? Or maybe motivation sits you back down to work for that extra half an hour, when all you want to do is put your feet up and stick Netflix on. This week’s Podcast topical long discussion is based around this article that George was reading after a night out, when he needed to be up early the next morning and needed to find that vital Motivation to be on time for the day ahead! (his own fault really… I have no sympathy on that one G) – ARTICLE

These are the headers within this article that list 10 reasons why people find themselves unmotivated:

1. They Only See the Bad Side in Anything That Happens.

2. They Forget the Benefits and Rewards.

3. They Set Themselves Unrealistic Goals.

4. They Do Not Know About Mini Habits.

5. They Do Not Seize Opportunities.

6. They Are Unwilling to Work Harder.

7. They Often Play the Blame Game.

8. They Don’t Know How to Use Their Time Wisely.

9. They Don’t Believe That They Are Talented.

10. They Rely on Social Media.

Touching on each of these points, we analyse what can make someone unmotivated, and how people can possibly get out of that restrictive feeling; don’t think you’re alone if you are reading this feeling like some of these points are your Achilles heel… I mean hey, we’ve all had droughts of flatness and feeling uninspired. But the first step is seeing where our weaknesses are, in order to fix them.

For example George and those around him would consider him to be a motivated guy, but he highlights it’s been years of training himself to stay in that motivated mindset. George also highlights that he’s always looking for new ways to motivate himself, and that’s not always easy.

The topic of motivation reaches everyone, you might want to exercise more, write more, make more friends or learn how to be a better cook! Everyone needs motivation to be happy, whatever happiness looks like to you. What keeps you motivated? Or what would you like to be more motivated for? Get in touch and let us know.

This is ‘The News’

If you’ve been listening to our podcast or reading up on these blog style write ups you’ll know by now that we round off with three sections, the news, who were listening to and our affirmation cards.

Mark Ronson: “you’ve got to move at the speed of inspiration.”

There was nothing incredibly noteworthy in the world of music this week, but still some great music related gossip about! The first one being Mark Ronson has sung his praises to the world of streaming making reference to the speed of being able to release music: “you’ve got to move at the speed of inspiration.”

We can’t say we disagree with this, the fact that a song can be written recorded and released world wide in a matter of days is something we love! But what this means for the next couple of years in the Music Industry is unknown… What’s your opinion on this? Some totally disagree and think the fact that albums and those bi-yearly releases are dwindling is a bad thing. We’d love to hear from you on this one.


Taylor Swift tops Forbes celebrity earners list!

The second little bit of music news is that Taylor Swift has just topped the Forbes list of highest earning entertainers. At the age of 29 she earned an estimated $185 Million between June of last year and now. I mean …that’s ridiculous. My overdraft is gently weeping as I type this and George jokingly pointed out that he doesn’t even have £185 in his bank account!!


This is ‘Who We Are Listening To?’

The ‘Who We’re Listening To’ section kind of does what it says on the tin. We talk about musicians, bands and artists we’ve come across that week and think you might enjoy. This week’s choices:

Isaac – Singer-Songwriter Mark Wilkinson – ‘Thought You’d Be Around’

George – Gracie Convert – ‘I’m Fine’

This is ‘Affirmation’

Last but most certainly not least is our Affirmation card section… what the chuffin ‘ell is an Affirmation card I hear you say??

Well …They’re a pack of 64 cards that each have a little something to think about for that week. We love to use them at the end of the show as a little something for us all to ponder on for the rest of the week.

This week we pulled out “Gentleness” we’re not gunna lie we didn’t really get the description that came with it, but it’s a topic that is most definitely important, we’re huge believers in just being kind to people. You have no idea what people are going through, what their day, month or year has been like. So next time somebody pulls out on you, or gets mad because you walked out in front of them, maybe there’s a lot more going on in their lives, and maybe all they need is somebody being Gentle back.

Okay, that’s the update… See ya next week!

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