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Quantity or Quality? The age old question – Self Releasing Music

Musicians starting out often go down the route of doing everything themselves, but very often don’t weigh up the longer benefits of delegating out some of the roles to manage the work load. There’s a LOT to do, I get it…. and budgets are tight because you’re just starting out, right? I feel you. Well, the biggest downside to doing everything yourself (I’m speaking from experience) is that the outcome is weaker just SIMPLY because certain areas of writing a song, producing it, making promotion, marketing it, booking gigs, performing it etc.etc. all take a hit on your energy levels and can easily blind site you from what’s most important.. the quality of the music. It’s okay to admit you aren’t as good at marketing as songwriting, it’s okay to admit you aren’t as good at producing as songwriting…. YOU’RE THE ARTIST! Your job should be creating the best music you can make, all the other areas are full time jobs for people for a reason, they’re hard! It took me a long time to see that.

What should be your job as an artist?

Your job you should primarily be enjoying and putting your heart and soul into your creative process because if the songs aren’t 100% as a result of doing everything else, then how are you expecting to have a career in making songs? Plus, the length of time it takes learning how to produce, buying the equipment, mixing it yourself, keeping up to date with social media etc. you could be finishing off your next single and making it as hot as you can.

Can I be real with you?

It took me a long time to learn that yes, it benefits hugely learning about all the areas of releasing music, you need to be able to delegate jobs and visions to your team, but trying to do it all yourself just makes things move slower… And can I be real with you?? If you spend all your time and effort on ONE kick ass song, you’ll find it a lot easier to get the ball rolling for your second, and third, and fourth etc. Don’t wait until single number 5 to have the quality of release you want, search for it and invest in it NOW, trust me why wait, you’ll get to where you want to be much quicker for investing in your now.

Don’t be afraid!

As for the other jobs, don’t be afraid to hand over certain areas that are not your strong point. If it takes you 5 more months to save to get that killer marketing, then take that 5 months. Chances are you’ll earn enough back to pay it off and invest into your next single.

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