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How to Record Vocals with Producers Remotely during Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

How Corona is stopping producers working with Artists

During this weird time of Coronavirus taking over our whole lives, I’ve been asked a lot how I am still managing to collaborate with artists around the world AND in my local area.

Covid-19 has been a bit of a weird blessing to us as many artists now have much more time to plan and schedule their goals for the rest of the year, something we have been busy on the phone helping them to do during these uncertain times. Due to this new found time, artists have been cracking on with recording and producing music ready for release, I mean, with Spotify having the biggest spike ever of users and premium signups, why wouldn’t you be??

Here at Made On The Road, we are focussing on making sure music is getting released and that this period isn’t resulting in no releases from artists. If anything, we’re suggesting that now is the EXACT time to be knuckling down on your music, there’s no excuses (even financially as we introduce the best payment plans yet!).

How are we still working with our Artist Roster?

One thing I have been asked a lot from our neighbouring producer friends is, how are you still managing to work with your artists that you would normally have in the room to record guide tracks etc. with? Well, Zoom has been a BLAST for us with writing sessions, but recording has forced us to be a bit more innovative.

No. 1 for us is getting guide vocals down so the production can still continue in full swing. Recently I’ve begun working on Nina Fine’s debut single, and we haven’t yet had a session in the same room due to Covid. But it hasn’t stopped us! I asked Nina to track her piano guide, and her vocal guide, onto Voicenotes and email them over.
One thing that was essential, was for Nina to record the voice note whilst she had a click to the correct BPM in her headphones (which she ran online on her laptop).

That’s all we needed to get going, and below you can hear the results!

If you a creative, and you’ve been feeling like working with other creatives hasn’t been possible, maybe you can adapt this in your own way to suit what you do.
If you’re a producer, then I hope this works an absolute treat for you in continuing to get your projects at least onward towards the finish line.

Let us know!

Let me know in the comments whether this has been helpful, or how you have adapted this to suit your own means.

I hope you are all staying safe and well in these times.
Stay safe, Look after each other, And remember…. Never Stop Creating!

George Holliday (@georgejazzmanholliday)


  • Tamiflu says:

    Another challenge of working remotely is that it tests the limits of writers skill-sets. A lot of people are used to having an engineer or a producer who knows how to track and record, says Antonio Dixon ( Beyonc , Ariana Grande ). That means that if they want to add background harmonies to a track, for example, they may not be able to do that on their own.

    • I think that’s definitely a factor! But zoom sessions and finding ways for producers and writers to be there in the sessions to advise is the way we’ve been doing it, and it’s basically like just being in the session like that 😀

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