The production team for
career-driven pop artists

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Made On The Road is a traveling music production team that helps modern pop artists create authentic music with commercial appeal. Our mission is to help artists become remarkable and overcome those dreaded ‘career obstacles’ allowing them to build a career that they are proud of, quicker. We listen to our clients.

We understand the challenges they face such as figuring out funding, feeling like they are “doing things wrong”, unsure of what their plan should look like, etc. Most career-driven artists find themselves in a state of “constant questioning” which is literally burning up their energy. We’re here to help pull you back down to earth, make your best music, get organized, have a plan, and most of all – have fun doing it. We can work together ‘virtually’ or ‘on the road’.

Here’s how our process works…

Song Planning

Step one is getting clear on your goals and creative direction, hand-picking the best creative team for the project, setting timelines, and fleshing out the basic arrangement of the song.

Song Creation

Next we dive into creating the song. This may include songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, and more. We can work remotely or you can join us on the van!

Song Amplification

Once the song is completed, we want to make sure you have clear directions on what to do next. This may include consultation, additional services, or connecting you with key people.  

What are we working on in 2021?

Project In Motion

2021 has been a whirlwind for Made On The Road in many ways but mainly the variety of projects coming through the bus doors. As ever, the amount of Independent Artists getting the full span of experience from writing & production development through to first hand knowledge from George’s own release experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Racking up over 5 million streams on released music produced at Made On The Road the quality of production is not to be ignored.

The REAL excitement comes with the opportunities brought forward for artists that choose to trust their music with MotR including sync and licensing with some of the biggest names in the industry – Sony, AGM and much more.

“I’m so thrilled and excited to produce music, help artists setup their releases so they get maximum reach and pay with their music and NOW to even offer opportunities for sync and licensing. Providing as much opportunity as possible is paramount to Made On The Road because we want to celebrate the wins with our artists and keep the momentum moving onward and upward!” – George

Brands we’ve worked with

We’ve had the privilege of working with the top music brands across the UK, including:

Let’s create, together.

Our motto will always be “Never Stop Creating”.

Let’s have a conversation about your next project, and what we can do to support you in making it a reality.