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How to have lots of Time – Time Management tip | Ted Talk

Ever feel like you don’t have control over your life? Ever feel like you just can’t make the decisions you want to make because of other people making decisions for you?
Today is a day off kind of Monday. I like to throw them in every now and then to remind myself that I’ve built a life that I have control of and can enjoy the flexibility. It feels healthy! AND the best bit is you can start making changes to your life right now to work toward that if you haven’t already.

I watched a Ted Talk about a year ago where this incredible business-minded woman was talking about the misconception that nobody thinks they have ‘time’. In fact, generally, we do have a lot of time but we’ve just chosen to use it doing something else that seemingly feels more important.
When I’m on the road on my bus, I’m more limited on work hours and have to keep time aside for any ‘potential delay’ scenarios on the road. So I had to adapt to be more effective and started making some discoveries along the way to help me build the life I wanted to live. Really simple techniques to help me. Watching this Ted Talk has stuck with me on the whole journey. I can’t say I don’t have time for things anymore without being aware that I’m actually just choosing to do something else, because there’s probably something else I’d rather do.
Take a look at things you have said you don’t have time to do, probably things you’d like to be doing right?. Then look at all the things you’ve CHOSEN to do (this includes your job), and question whether you are CHOOSING the best use of your time. That ‘thing’ you keep not getting round to, is that bad time management and you’re choosing other things that probably aren’t as important to you?
I’m not telling you how to use your time, but I’d love to help you be more aware and efficient with how you’re using it and the control you have over it. It changed my life entirely!
Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments, and if you want to dive deeper this is just one of many techniques in the course linked right here:

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