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Songwriting on the road vs in a studio vs. at home – What are the Benefits?




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With George still songwriting in Europe and Isaac back in the UK, we get on a call to discuss the benefits of songwriting on the road vs songwriting at home or in a studio.

This week the boys are joined by Musician and Synth enthusiast George Kay in Germany. You might remember George from episode 8 of this series.. well we were passing back through after an amazing trip to Copenhagen and couldn’t resist stopping by to say hello again! 

George LOVES Synths, in his small village of Oldendorf in Germany he and his father develop their own. His ‘candy shop of sounds’ is truly remarkable, and you can see the passion George has for these machines whenever he is around them. This boy eats analogue for breakfast. George and his paps even recently started a vlog after our visit, with over 1.2k views as I write this!! – Check it our HERE

This is ‘Time To Talk’ – Creating at Home vs Creating on the Road

This week’s ‘Time To Talk’ topic was all about how different we feel writing when we are on the road, with inspiration everywhere around us, compared to being at home in the same office or studio, and how it ultimately affects our creativity as writers.

This topic couldn’t be more suitable for where Made On The Road finds itself, the boys discuss pros and cons of each, and their favourite places to create. For some, scenery and location is everything, for others the comfort and familiarity of their home studio is exactly where they need to be to create.

A really interesting point that was raised is the limitations creating on the road can bring, especially for someone like George Kay who relies on his analogue set up to deliver his unique sound. However, George makes the brilliant point that with limitations sometimes comes your best work; sometimes being limited sparks more creativity. This is far from a given though, and a point some will disagree on.

Creativity, and in our case songwriting, are kinda strange when you think about it. You’re continuously asking your brain to come up with new, fresh ideas, and sometimes that brain just says “nahhhh”, and you have to figure out how to deal and get round that. Sometimes being out on the road is the answer to that, and sometimes being at home is the answer, but whichever side of the fence you are on (or maybe you are on the fence), we all need to be inspired. 

It’s always interesting to get other people’s views on creativity and how they like to work. This episode did just that with all the other points raised.

This is ‘The News’ – Court Action Against Viagogo

Did you know Viagogo is being taken to court? As always we cover some music related news in our podcasts; from the biggest topics through to the smallest of niggles.

This week we talked about the ethics and issues with ticket resale sites, specifically Viagogo, who have come under some serious flack this week. In a recent Guardian article they summed it up as ‘The Competition and Markets Authority has sent a “letter before action” to Viagogo, triggering a process that it had warned would begin unless the company cleaned up its often-criticised business practices.

One particular alarming story of the incredibly marked up value of seats to an Ed Sheeran concert that was in aid of a teenage cancer trust. There’s been plenty of other story’s about people being sold fake/duplicated tickets and tickets being listed at ridiculously high prices.

Sites like Viagogo not only help fuel the organised ticket touts but they remove money from the pockets of Artists and their fans, as well as removing audience members for those tickets that were never intended to be used. There are steps most definitely being taken in the right direction, and we could all agree more that we welcome the news that sites like this are being increasingly pressured to ‘clean up their act’. Let us know your thoughts on this by getting in contact below.

Who Are We Listening To?

Another recurring segment which people seem to be loving is the ‘Who Are We Listening To’ section.

George Kay – Snail Mail and FM Attack

George Holliday – Daniel Caesar

Isaac…well he plugged his own single release. But we’ll let him off! ‘I Need Your Love’ Isaac Tyler

If there’s anyone you think we should be listening to, don’t be too shy to reach out! 

And…of course it wouldn’t be the podcast without finishing off with one of our affirmation cards. 

This is ‘Affirmation’

Erm what on Earth is an affirmation card you ask? Good question. They’re a pack of 64 cards that each have a little something to think about for that week. We love to use them at the end of the show as a little something for us to ponder on for the rest of the week.

This week George Kay picked out the card titled ‘Inspiration’ – perfect for our topic and we promise, not setup!!

“There is a voice of inspiration within me. Right now it’s only a whisper, but the more I listen, the louder it will get. Soon it will be a flawless speech voiced by James Earl Jones through a mega phone with lots of applause.”

Listened to the podcast and have something you want to say? Maybe answer a question we asked? Or share your thoughts on today’s ‘Time To Talk’ section?

Please do! We love to hear from people. Reach out at

Or on Instagram @madeontheroaduk 

Stay safe, look after each other and remember, Never Stop Creating!

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