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Series 2, EP12 – All the Benefits of Being A Creator




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As always, George and Isaac sit down to talk all things music and what it’s like being creators – only this episode they’re  800 miles apart.

Isaac flew back to the UK this week but it didn’t stop us from putting out our podcast!

Our topic for this week – the benefits of being a creator.

It’s so easy to talk about the struggles and strifes of being a creator, but at the end of the day, all creatives are extremely lucky to be doing what they’re doing, and we wanted to celebrate that.

From the excitement of that initial creative idea, to hearing it on the radio we cover all bases that get our creative juices flowing.

As always we discuss the latest news in the music industry and the artists we’re enjoying at the moment.

Get our recommendations on who we are listening to this week – George has Sabrina Claudio to be thankful for, and Isaac is back listening to HAIM.

We normally love ending our podcast with an affirmation card-  “Each vibrant card contains a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy to your life.” Thats Google’s take on them anyway.

We just use these cards for a bit of fun!  They’re a great talking point, and a little something to concentrate on for that week.

We hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave us a rating or a comment if you’d be so kind, share and tell your friends, and lets grow together!
Stay safe, look after each other and remember, Never Stop Creating!

Want us to talk about a particular topic? Want to send in a random question for us to answer? Want to give us some feedback? Don’t be shy! We can leave you anonymous if you wish 🙂

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